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WavMatrix Wav gating device

WavMatrix VST plug-in (PC) is a flexible Wav blending tool designed to be useful in the studio as a general aid to audio production. The sampler and other real time features make it useful in live performance as well.
Unique in its sync capability of using sample gates rather than the more common BPM sync only.
A sophisticated modulation section offers many evolving possibilities.
Conceived as a 'go to' audio tool for sound file manipulation. It provides many desirable and unique features. WavMatrix is designed to be user friendly with its intuitive graphic user interface. Even considering its many features.

Features ...

4 completely independent wav players each with;

Transpose +/- 1 octave in quantized semitones

DeTune of +/- 1 variable semitone

S/H random section with transpose, detune and looping lengths as targets

Adjustable Start / End loop points

Adjustable looping and silence gap

Zoomable wav display zooms to selection

Playback can be reversed

  • 4 external stereo inputs can be intermixed with wav playersSynchronization using Roll Wav start

  • Performance Sampler with many unique and intuitive features

  • Wav and FX play back probability

  • Modulation matrix with assignment and level adjusts

  • Modulation envelopes sync to Wav selections or Host BPM

  • Comprehensive sync capabilities provide many creative possibilities

DOWNLOAD : WavMatrix


INTERVALS tuning system comparator

The INTERVALS VST plug-in (PC) is a tool for conveniently comparing tuning systems like Just intonation and the commonly
 used Equal temperament. It can also demo various other tunings. At last a convenient way to compare tunings ! It developed
 from my desire for a simple way to audition tunings.


  • sequencer driven playback allows many ways to audition and compare. Including sequential or random.

  • Create and monitor your own custom tunings

  • Both pitch and output levels are adjustable

  • MIDI or manual setting of the fundamental reference pitch

  • Dual trace oscilloscope displays traces or Lissajous patterns

  • Quick tuning changes for intuitive comparisons

  • Individual intervals may be muted as others play

DOWNLOAD : Intervals


QUADTRACK 4 sampler sonic scratchpad

The QuadTrack VST plug-in (PC) is a music composition scratchpad configured as a cassette multi track recorder( remember those? ). It makes musical experimenting easy. Much effort was put into creative flow for compositions that gel intuitively. Containing 4 flexible samplers built around the familiar cassette multi-track recorder metaphor. QuadTrack's output can be  recorded and then used as part of a complete composition. Use it in live performance or in the studio. Your musical visions can   be creatively produced.


  • 4 independently functioning on-the-fly samplers replace cassette tape tracks

  • Track view oscilloscopes with input selection

  • Sound stage mixer with individual track gain, pan, mute and position shift.

  • JAM joystick vector mixing for live performance soloing with own reverb

DOWNLOAD : QuadTrack


SampLoop  looping composition environment

 SampLoop VST plug-in (PC) is composed primarily of a stereo Sampler feeding a dual Looper. As it might be useful to others, it is offered as a download. It might serve as an introduction to the intuitive nature of music Samplers, Loopers and plug-ins. 

Although developed with music composition in mind it is versatile and can be put to use in remixing, live performance or sound design. It can be used for producing musical material destined for multi-track compositions. Helpful for expanding riffs or motifs into full tracks. SampLoop was developed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Using a sampler as the front end of a Looper is one of its innovations. The ability to process and trim samples before auto inserting them into a loop is another. The oscilloscope is helpful and informative.

Listen:  SampLoop development mp3s




The XG10 is a VST (PC) synth plug-in specifically designed for MIDI guitar. Having 6 Mono sound sources on 6 separate MIDI channels. It was originally designed for my dust collecting G10 MIDI guitar controller. This design may fill otherís needs or even spark some interest in MIDI guitars (again).

Features; MIDI velocity curve, Oscope, Phrase Looper, etc...


Listen to a collection of XG10 development tracks.



The XLooper is a virtual device in many ways similar to common looper pedals. It is easy to use and affords many creative possibilities. It is a by-product from the development of the VORTEX Sound Design Workstation. Found to be so interesting and useful that it is being made available as a VST plugin itself. The XLopper has been verified with AudioMulch and MiniHost. Compatibility with other VST hosts may vary.

Guitarists often use looping devices to provide accompaniment. Recording a rhythm to loop and play against. Synthesizers can be input to provide even more possibilities although this is not commonly practiced. External audio can also be used allowing for ReMixes and DJ jams.



VORTEX sound design workstation

The Vortex comprises a FM synthesizer with vector capabilities and extensive sound development tools. Taking both FM and Vector synthesis in new and expanded directions. It is an experimental music workstation that will be used to conduct research into synthesizers and electronic music development. The Vortex is in development and plans are to release it as a VST plugin.

Vortex_1 MP3 Development Recordings

A collection of early development tracks. These sound design examples are chronological and only minimally edited.

Listen to individual tracks









 Early Vortex sounds are also available as a group zip download HERE.


Electric Sitar

coming soon;