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       Stiglemier guy 

Algorhythmic compositions

Using Xoxos  Hyperio


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Rainy Day Meditation mp3 using HyperCyclic LFO driven arpeggiator.

HyperSyntar mp3 non-classical virtual sitar.

                            Live at Bubolz                                                                 Poetic Reading                                                                    

Tommy Tears
from Harmony Cafe' performance  - August 07  Appleton, Wisconsin

    ReMix mp3           5 meg

CLICK for the collected poems and photos of Tommy Tears.

CLICK for TommyTears MySpace.

********************  Recent  **********************

PAIA Chord EGG - The newly generated algorithmic sounds of the Psychedelic Era !!!

Thanks go out to Dan B. and to Chris and Brad at PAIA.

(mp3 excerpts)
Egg 'n'
Hard Boilled
Interstellar Lullaby

Sound Chemist - experimental Florida jazz group. The remixes EP




Fran Pain
- from the Cyber Punk remixes EP

How Bad

SomeBody to Love

Piece of Paper

The Universe

********************  Other Cool Stuff  **********************

Sometimes                      880k  Electric Jim's theme.

Hallowed                         176k  Halloween wigout.

Cold Beer and Coffee      226 k Remix of Eric's party song.

DuckLogic                      200k Those rhythmic ducks.

G10 Theme                      366 k MIDI Synth guitar theme.

Flying Bison beer promo 500 k Early beer promo.