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29 Jun  Now in Stevens Point WI


02 Apr SampLoop composition and performance device soon to be available via Lucid Visions / VST.

09 Oct APR is now back online.

17 July The entire AlienTape collaboration CD can now be downloaded from the OTHER page !!!


19 Dec New Harmony Cafe' photos

25 Sept Free Sitar/Space CD "Raga Celestial" on OTHER page

29 Jan  Shakuhachi CD released !
            Colab with Chris Murray

11 Jan  New Clinton colab ColdSpace round 2.

**************************  2008  ************************

11 Dec  Harmony Cafe' photos to gallery !

28 Nov New INSPIRE page. Because sometimes we need it.

10 Sept Tommy Tears poem remix

29 Aug  Meta MP3s now available.

24 Aug  Meta released. Master magician Harry Houdini tribute.

28 Jun  Levitation released. Very ambient and Enoesk.

24 Jun  Collaboration excerpts added to OTHER page.

13 Jun  Release of  Trancendentalist !!!

18 Apr Sounds of the PAIA Chord EGG added to OTHER page.

14 Mar Web site updating !!

             Instruments & Video pages added.

07 Mar Nebula of Dreams - new CD release.

xx Feb  Began collaboration with Australian experimental guitarist Clinton Green of  Shame File Music.

21 Jan Year of  multimedia and video experiments !

----------------------------------------------------  2007  ---------------------------------------------------------------

24 Dec Added samples to Theremin Fantasies

21 Dec Happy Winter's Solstice !!!

13 Dec "Theremin Fantasies" CD APR117  released

07 Nov Quotes section added to LINKS page.

08 Sept  News page now displayed in newest first order !!! LIFO

30 Aug  "Alien Transmissions" collaboration added to OTHER page.

07 Aug  Sound Chemist mp3s added to Other page.

03 Aug  Another Plane Records has relocated to Wisconsin !!! Many new surprises to follow.

---------------------------------------------  Relocated to Appleton, Wisconsin  ------------------------------------------------------

23 April Added musician photos to GALLERY page.

21 Mar Cyber Punk reMixes of Fran Pain !!! Check the OTHER page.

14 Mar Expanded Nature and Instrument photo Galleries.  Added Photo history to the DRI page !

21 Feb "Oceans of Time" released.

13 Feb Release of  "Trance Sister". This is the first of the Electric Path Series, which is Experimental World and dance music with a unique electronic edge.

01 Jan 2006 Added CD reviews to MUSIC page.

17 Nov  First snow fall of winter.

28 Sept  Techno Dreams samples.

06 Sept  Water Magic samples.

26 Aug  Mysterious Presence and Xotic Nebula released.

17 Aug    Xotic Nebula samples.

22 June  Mysterious Presence samples now available.

16 June Tranquil Moments samples now available.

03 June Seque-Age samples are now available.

27 May Introducing two new series' Sonic Ponderings and Cyber Meditation.

26 Apr  NEW RELEASE "The Driven Resonator Instrument"

18 Apr  Added a new page to the site, details of  the Driven Resonator Instrument.

12 Apr  MP3 samples now available for The Driven Resonator Instrument CD.

xx Apr  Fixed broken links to some MP3s.

24 Mar  DRI CD copyrighted.

16 Jan    New MP3s on the Other page.

10 Jan    The Driven Resonator Instrument CD to be released soon. View the DRI page.

08 Jan    Started Photo Gallery Page. Theremin, Driven Reronator Instrument, Nature Views and more. Check them out.

02 Jan 05 APR website beyond construction NOW.

xx Dec 04 Began CDStreet and CDBaby presence. See the Links page.


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