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The Vortex System and Yamaha G10 MIDI Guitar

Several mp3 samples are available for each CD. The file sizes have been kept small to allow for faster downloads. Clicking on CD covers provides larger view. Entire CDs may be purchased securely through CDbaby using the associated BUY buttons.

  ********************************  Recent Releases   *******************************


Shakuhachi: Virtual and UnReal Music of Shakuhachi, synthesizer and intuition. A skillful and  pleasant blend of traditional Japanese flute with synthesizer.  

  Shakuhachi: Virtual and Unreal

                                                                Unavailable currently

1.  Flowing Moment                MP3 sample
2.  Chasing Shadows               MP3 sample
3.  Forever Plane                    MP3 sample
4.  Answer in the Question     MP3 sample
5.  Techno Shaku                    MP3 sample

Meta:  Synthesized atmospheres and metaphysical environments. A tribute to master magician Harry Houdini. Eerie and electronic.  

                                                                Unavailable currently
1.  Meta                                MP3 sample
2.  Mysterious Craft            MP3 sample
3.  Unbounded
4.  Promise
5.  Sitar Fantasy                   MP3 sample
6.  Encapsulate
7.  Destination
8.  Lullaby for Tomorrow     MP3 sample

 Levitation:  Synthesized atmospheres for introspective thought. Yes, suspended.  

                                                               Unavailable currently

1.  Levitation                    MP3 sample
2.  In Flight                       MP3 sample
3.  Solar Patterns             MP3 sample               
4.  Surreal Images          
5.  Glass Stairway          
6.  Clouds Float By          MP3 sample

 Trancendentalist:  Beats inspired by Nature, Intuition and Virtual Technology. Psy-Trance meets transcendentalists !  

Trancendentalist  Trancendentalist

Read Review   Aural Innovations; The Global Source For SpaceRock Exploration

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1.  Trancendentalist                    MP3 sample
2.  Eerie Enlightenment              MP3 sample
3.  Intuition
4.  Synth Talk                             MP3 sample
5.  Somewhat Vague Intent
6.  Only That Day Dawns          MP3 sample
7.  Many Paths Home
8.  BirdTron
9.  ReEnlightenment                  MP3 sample

 Nebula of Dreams:  Spacey soundscapes to drift off with. Can also provide sonic masking from noisy coworkers or neighbors.   

  Nebula of Dreams

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      Nebula of Dreams      MP3 sample_A
                                           MP3 sample_B

 Oceans of Time:  An organic mixture of synthesized and natural soundscapes.

     Oceans of Time

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1.  Oceans of Time          MP3 sample
2.  Angelica                      MP3 sample
3.  Mysterious Region     MP3 sample
4.  Metaphysician            MP3 sample

 *************************************   **************************************

  Cyber Meditation Series

The Cyber Meditation Series provide support for your meditation practice with the uncommon use of synthesized sonic textures and backgrounds  

 Mysterious Presence: These are NewAge meditative atmospheres. Composed with synthesizer textures, more NewAge reflective than usual, for your own unique meditative practice. 

  Mysterious Presence

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1. Subtle Dreams        MP3 sample
2. Inner Vortex           MP3 sample

 Tranquil Moments: Soothing and  reflective aids for your meditative practice. These sonic atmospheres help to mask outside noise and settle the inner mind. Cool and refreshing.

  Tranquil Moments

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1.  Tranquility                  MP3 sample
2.  UnEnding                    MP3 sample

  Sonic Ponderings Series

The Sonic Ponderings Series offers the use of electronic atmospheres as a canvas to enhance inquiry or other ponderings.   

 Techno Dreams:  Let's put on our spacesuits and go inside. Electronic soundscapes for pondering...

  Techno Dreams

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1. Oblique Landing           MP3 sample
2. Techno Dream  
           MP3 sample
3. DroneX 
                        MP3 sample
4. Sustainable    
               MP3 sample
5. Primary
                         MP3 sample
6. Mental Currents
           MP3 sample

Electro-Thought: This first release of the Sonic Ponderings series provides sonic atmospheres to aid inquiry of subtle meanings. These backdrops are futuristic and nurturing to aid in one's inner pondering.


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1.   Central Resonance     MP3 sample
2.   Technoid Drive           MP3 sample
3.   Velvety Moment        MP3 sample
4.   Electro End                 MP3 sample

 Returnings: Return to a harmonious and meditative state with this first offering of the Cyber Meditation series. These calming atmospheres help you gto relax and prepare for meditation or even as an aid for sleeping. Synthesized sounds are used in a way that is both natural and empowering. 



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1.   Babbling Data Streams    MP3 sample
2.   Wavelet Theory                MP3 sample
3.   Changing Tides                 MP3 sample
4.   Timeless and Endless       MP3 sample


Alien Tech recordings are musical fantasy of the space age brought here from another plane.

 Theremin Fantasies:  Exotic and very electronic music of the Theremin. The innovative musical timbral experiments of a visionary seeking in a technical world.

 Theremin Fantasies

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1.  Thereminoid                    MP3 sample
2.  Julie knows                      MP3 sample
3.  Melodic Weave
4. Drifting Thoughts
5. Choir Unfolding
6. Howls Alive
7. Bad Night At the Opera   MP3 sample
8. Downward Spiral
9. Cavernous
10. Theremin Chill               MP3 sample

 Xotic Nebula: Space music for the dance. Synthesizer atmospheres that have rhythm. 

 Xotic Nebula        Read Review

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1. Dance at Galaxy's Edge    MP3 sample
2. Flight Vox 
3. Romp
4. Tropic Region                     MP3 sample
5. Crystal Choir
6. Plosions                               MP3 sample
7. Soaring Lament                  MP3 sample
8. Tranquil System
9. Dance Galaxy ReMix         MP3 sample
10. Inter Stellar Departure     MP3 sample
11. Departure                          MP3 sample

Alien Technology: Music as if teleported here from another dimension. Space age industrial sounds, but here the machines are of alien origin. Mechanical pulsations leading towards strange and beautiful soundscapes. We are accompanied by other worldly drones and rhythms. Dark and reflective, this is music to time travel by, music to ponder.

 Alien Technology

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1. Dance of the Aliens                        MP3 sample
2. Distortion                                         MP3 sample
3. Alien Groove
4. Groove Two
5. Happy Alien
6. Song of the Aliens
7. Alien Technology                           MP3 sample
8. Strange Waltz                                 MP3 sample
9. Crushed Space
10. Scrubbed
11. Ever Upward
12. Resonance
13. E Storm                                          MP3 sample

FutureBeat: Futuristic rhythms fused with sonic elements from beyond. Happily beaming through the galaxy. Retro-future sounds with techno beats. The computers are bleeping and bouncing toward tomorrow.


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1. Ricochet
2 Celestial Chords
3. The Future Is Now                          MP3 sample
4. Metallic Drive
5. RobotHead                                      MP3 sample
6. Machine Beat
7. Technoid                                          MP3 sample
8. UnNatural Science                          MP3 sample
9. Technical Ecstacy
10. Thripic Panorama
11. In the Morning
12. Rip and Tear                                  MP3 sample
13. Transation

The Driven Resonator Instrument: Haunting feedback drones merge in complex patterns that mystify the senses. A symphony of feedback and metallic resonances.

..The Driven Resonator Instrument

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1. ASET Onset                                    MP3 sample
2. Freakish
                                         MP3 sample
3. Inside the Machine      
                 MP3 sample
4. Introspect
5. Through the Lens
                           MP3 sample
6. Effervescence 
                                MP3 sample
7. Voxation
                                          MP3 sample
8. Dark Journey
9. Drone Syndrome
                              MP3 sample

Flights of Fantasy: Combines evolving melodies and infectious rhythms with intriguing other worldly sonic textures. This release reveals a diverse and sophisticated side of Alien Tech. These flowing soundscapes will appeal to many musical tastes and remains solidly within the space music genre. A Theremin adds its eerie presence and retro future sounds. s of Fantasy:

     Flights of Fantasy

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1.   Space Glide          MP3 sample                             11.   Trajectory                    MP3 sample
2.   Stellar Dance       MP3 sample                             12.   Upward Sirens
3.   Electric Lullaby    MP3 sample                             13.   Choiroid
4.    Vista                                                                      14.   Resonance
5.   Energy Storm       MP3 sample                             15.   Star Pond
6.   Thanks Giving     MP3 sample                             16.   Theremin On High     MP3sample
7.   Falling                                                                     17.   Otara
8.   Acceleration         MP3 sample                             18.   Deep Space               MP3 sample
9.   Reordered                                                              19.   Time Warp
10   Energy Xfer                                                           20.  Swirling Galaxies       MP3 sample

The Recordings of Mystic Tech

Mystical leanings with electronic backdrops. These recordings produce other planes of existence by combining Techno with the mystic arts.


 Water Magic: Electronic realizations of water events. Subtle, synthesized and unique.

  Water Magic        Read Review

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1. Water Magic                  MP3 sample
2. Rainy Day
3.eWhale Seeks Mate   
    MP3 sample
4. Submerged
                     MP3 sample
5. Streaming
6. Rub A Dub
7. Crashing Surf 
                MP3 sample
8. Outer Time 
                    MP3 sample
9. Raging Stream
10. Rain Storm
11. Water Falls 
                  MP3 sample

Once beyond a ... Winter Solstice: This CD features a very different type of seasonal music. It is authentic in spirit but quite musically unique. It encompasses traditional sounds but also includes exotic ones like Theremin, Sitar and is very electronic based. A CD that is at once both unusual and relevant. A must have for those who are adventurous in their musical tastes.

Winter Solstice is the traditional celebration of the turning point in nature's cycle toward longer days and the return of warmer weather. This holiday was celebrated by many cultures in early times but has been largely replaced with Christmas. Winter Solstice had very serious meaning to the people living in colder climates who faced a bleak and unsure existence during the winter months. Celebrate again this turning point of the long Winter season in a modern musical context.

 Once beyond a ... Winter Solstice

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1. Deck the Halls                                        MP3 Sample
2 Celtic Drums
3. Winter Playland                         
4. Dancing Toward Spring
5. Icy Reflections 
6. Winter's Promise                                    MP3 Sample
7. Shortest Day                                           MP3 Sample
8. Holly Ivy Mistletoe and Pine
9. Carol of the Bells
10. Longest Night
11. Flute and Harp
12. Theremin Red Green and White         MP3 Sample
13. Solstice Bells                                        MP3 Sample
14. MotherShip Earth                                MP3 Sample


Shamanic Journey: Gently hovering between thoughtfulness and meditation upon the mystical sounds of a space oriented shaman. Meditative but with a technical backdrop and a mystical presence.

 Shamanic Journey

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1. Presence                                   MP3 sample
2. Tranquility
3. Shamanic Journey                   MP3 sample
4. Dreaming Thunder                  MP3 sample

Seque Age: Sequences of rhythm combine with other worldly sounds in ways that are at once mystical and mysterious, magic and wonderful.


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1. Technical  Drive                             MP3 sample
2. Arpegg                                            MP3 sample
3. Sonic Pulsation
4. Transfixed
5. Fundamental                                   MP3 sample
6. Bounce
7. Morphing Drums
8. Paradigm Shift                                MP3 sample
9. Kaliimba Synthesis
10. Eastern Paths                               MP3 sample
11. Blissful                                          MP3 sample
12. Enoesk                                          MP3 sample
13. Thumb Piano Theme
14. SequeAge                                     MP3 sample
15. Harmonic Excursion                    MP3 sample
16. Ringing Chimes                           MP3 sample

The Recordings of Electric Path

The recordings of Electric Path combine World Music with an electronic edge as only Another Plane Records would.


 Trance Sister:  Initial release of the Electric Path Series. This CD is unique in its combining of World music with electronic ambiance and dance.

   Trance Sister

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1. Trance Sister               MP3 Sample
2. Blue Energy
                MP3 Sample
3. Turbulence
4. Asian Haze 
                MP3 Sample
5. Forward Motion
6. SpaceMelon Man
        MP3 Sample
7. TranceSisterized
8. Rest and Peace 
          MP3 Sample

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