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Algoriythmic Controllers

WMIDI -  graphic pad MIDI controller
Algo Music - many algo music creations including Atomic, circular sequencer


Sitars, Tamburas and more ...      

Buckingham Music Many types of Indian string instruments.

Sitars Etc. Many types of Eastern instruments.


Music Software VST

Psychic Modulation Very useful and impressive soft synths and FX. Highly recommended.

PM at MySpace

MuCoder HyperCyclic and other MIDI software.

Xoxos Weather, nature and many other sound devices !!!

Les Productions Zvon  Music and sound effects libraries of diverse original material... music with a special twist.

AudioMulch VST host, audio construction set.

SaviHost  VST stand alone host as well as...

Ploque Bidule VST Host, synth builder.

EnergyXT  VST Host, sequencer.

Toby Bear VST Host, many other nice plugins.

EVM Synths Gnome, Synth Pack One.

SmartElectronix A group of VST plugin developers producing great plugins, donationware.

HG Fortune  Ultra algorithmic synths. X-WheelOfFortune. shareware and freeware.

AlgoMusic Home of the M42 Nebula and AlgoN soft synths.

SynthEdit Freeware to build your own soft-synths and effects!

Ugo String Theory, Texture, Rez and Metallurgy great freeware synths and FX.

Krackli Unique and interesting plugins.

TweakBench Unusual and interesting plugins.

KVR VST database Extensive plugin database.

VSTHost Donationware stand alone VST host, virtual kybd w/apeggiators.

Dance Tech Many plugins as well as other goodies for dance music.

Interrupter Free delay plugins for dance music.

Snarg Adventure game-like music strangeness. Amazing, try it.


Theremax PAIA hardware Theremin and many other electronic kits.

Mysteron FXpansion  Theremin like software.

SuperSpook Keys Simple-Media virtual Theremins, etc.

ThereminVox comprehensive site with links, news, etc.


CD Manufacture and Distribution

A1 Duplication CD, Video, Data, and packaging in UK.

CDBaby Independent music distribution and sales.

DiscMakers A one stop CD manufacturer.

DiskFaktory CD and CDR duplication.


Recording Information

John Vestman Much info on audio mastering. Also in Espanol.

Copyright Office  Information and forms for copyrights.


Recording Software

SinusWeb Triple Compressor and Peak Compressor, great shareware studio tools. Also MultLens fx.

DigitalFishPhones Freeware studio tools, compressors, expanders, de-essers, etc.


Record Labels

Another Plane Records  You are there.

HollyDrift Experimental music and video. Unique.

Edge of the Woods Music  Jazz performances.

Shame File Music Melbourne, Australia Clinton Green (AKA Undecisive God) and his experimental label.

StarSeed Music Indian music using modern instruments. Very worth a listen !

Black Note Music Techno Shamanic Music, YES !

Sluggo Music New-Prog music and hardware instruments from Florida.

Appleton Links

Appleton Public Library

Harmony Cafe     Coffee Community and Music        

Windows of Light NewAge and occult supplies.

Fox Valley UUA 

Brewed Awakenings   Coffee shop with music.

Internet Radio

At The Edge     Diverse experimental spectrum of music music from Wisconsin Public Radio WPR. Mondays 10 till midnight.


Aural Innovations Electronic Cottage Space Music, Psychedelic and Ambient radio shows. With downloadable or streaming archives.

CIUT 89.5 FM University of Toronto, EBM, World, etc...

CyberAgeRadio  Diverse new electronic music

Radio Guide International Guide to Real Audio Internet radio stations.

KPFA  Experimental, electronic, psych etc. internet radio shows with archives from Berkley, Calif.

RagMala The music of India from Batish Music Institute of California.

VoiceAmerica Develop your own internet radio show.


World Wide Meditation Center Concise instructions for a variety of meditation techniques.

Syncronicity  High tech meditation



WebRingDirectory Comprehensive listing of webrings.


Other Useful Links

Mystica Much information and articles concerning mysticism.

NVU  Free, easy and complete WebSite creator. WYSIWYG.  Finally an alternative.

Experimental Musical Instruments Very comprehensive and experimental musical instrument resource.

E. F. Keebler Wild and unique tubular metal Violins etc.

Odd Music  Experimental musical instruments.

WitchVox includes music for the Winter Solstice.

Vaults of Erowid Relationships between Humans and Psychoactives.

The Eaton T. Fores Research Center Very interesting counter-cultural site.



mp3.com.au Australian mp3 site.